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Homebirth is an option for pregnant women in Massachusetts. Many women prefer to labor and birth in the comfort and privacy of their own home. Studies have shown this to be as safe as a hospital birth for low risk pregnant women. A homebirth midwife will do all necessary prenatal care, come to your home for labor and birth, and continue with postpartum care. Your prenatals are scheduled to allow plenty of time for an exam and discussion. A midwife, experienced in natural birth, waterbirth & VBAC, will care for you during labor and the birth of your baby. The postpartum visits will take place in your home. Also offered are HypnoBirthing ® childbirth education classes, rental of the Aquadoula birth tub and breastfeeding help. This is a wonderful option for the woman that wants a natural birth without interventions and is most comfortable in her own home.

Coverage includes the Greater Boston area, North of Boston, the Northshore, Eastern MA, Merrimack Valley and more.

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